We just changed the game. Introducing omniearnedID™

It’s the answer communications leaders have been waiting for. Meet omniearnedID, the industry’s first analytics platform to validate the impact of earned media on brand reputation and sales.

This patent-pending precision communications platform from Omnicom Public Relations Group brings together Omnicom’s unparalleled global communications expertise with dozens of top-tier data sources and unmatched technology from Omni, Omnicom’s people-based precision marketing and insights platform.

Whether you work in healthcare or tech, brand marketing or corporate communications, OmniearnedID can deliver valuable metrics on audience behavior and customer journeys, cultural trend analysis and prediction, and brand health and impact measurement. And most notably, omniearnedID links the people exposed to a brand’s earned media content to measurable business results like sales and brand reputation.

Read the press release here.

Elevate your earned media

Now you can prove the effectiveness and value of your earned media and influencer marketing, and tailor optimized content like never before.

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