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We shape opinion to your advantage.

The world has changed. Public opinion has changed with it.

Today, the company is considered to be a fully-fledged social actor, whose impact goes above and beyond economic performance. With this more global role comes an ever-increasing number of stakeholders: employees, suppliers, clients, regulators but also civil society.

As they are now more central, companies are more exposed.

At any given moment, the company, its brands or its managers can become the focus of one of the many debates that public opinion shapes every day. Debates which fluctuate at the rapid pace of the media and social media explosions. These are debates you can’t miss out on, otherwise they will be held without you and to your detriment.

How do we work on opinions?

As a communications consultancy specialized in developing the reputation of organizations (companies, institutions, brands), our role is to protect, strengthen and promote your reputation in an environment that has become more complex and unpredictable. When we get involved in a debate at your side, our aim is very clear: we help you take the lead. It’s a decisive lead that gives you the upper hand in conversations with your key audience.

Our approach combines Strategy and Creativity. It is based upon a transformative drive to impact opinions in the service of your reputation.

No impact without a detailed understanding of each client’s ecosystem.

Our consultants listen to and analyze all the signals that concern you, whether strong or weak. It’s this early understanding of the dynamics of opinion at stake that allows organizations to retain control over the media agenda rather than being at their mercy. By combining technical expertise with sectoral understanding, our consultants decipher the underlying causes that structure how opinions are formed and develop communication and public relations strategies.

No impact without a trusted relationship with those who make and break opinion every day.

We have long-term conversations with the media, digital and regulatory sphere. We have an in-depth knowledge of key audiences and relay audiences (journalists, influencers, policymakers, opinion leaders or the general public).

No impact without putting creative plans in place.

In an over-saturated media environment, creativity is still the best way to generate attention. Our consultants design narrative content that is likely to be of interest, provide proof-points and gain support. In order to do this, they rely on a pool of creative talents: design-editors, videographers, sound and image producers…

No impact without measuring performance.

At Omnicom Public Relations Group Paris, we don’t sell contact: we sell impact. Therefore, we offer a system to measure the effectiveness of our communication strategies systematically to each of our clients. We have our own methodology to achieve this and can also call upon external Institutes on request.


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