Hello. We’re glad you stopped by.

Thanks for clicking. This is a brand new blog and we’re glad you are among the very first to see it.  Really! It must be serendipity.

Just over a year ago a few of us began a new chapter from our previous careers with various agencies in the Omnicom PR Group. That too feels a little like serendipity now. Each of us set aside enjoyable, satisfying roles with some of the communications industry’s best known names – FleishmanHillard, Ketchum and Porter Novelli – to start something new, untested and, at the time, with people we didn’t always know very well.

Our aim for the project – we called it “Catalyst” – was simple: to combine the resources and offers of the great name above into a collaborative proposition for our people and clients.  We saw the potential and need for expanded career options, deeper or wider sets of services for clients, and new platforms for innovation in some of Europe’s most vibrant markets: Amsterdam, The Hague, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, and Paris .  Later, we decided to add Singapore, just now underway.

So far, so good. We have built excellent service portals for our global network partners and other Omnicom agencies looking to engage people and businesses in these markets, and have established national centres of excellence for domestic clients looking for market-leading consultancy and creativity.  The work is never-ending, but our early results are promising.

Some of our time has been spent doing all of the things needed to bring businesses together – the nuts and bolts of co-locating people, making sure the IT worked and ordering new business cards.  Most of it has been spent doing what do best – serving clients, developing careers and getting results. And now, we’re ready to set aside a few moments each week or so to make sure we stay connected to our various communities of communicators around the world.

So that brings us to this blog.

In it you’ll get a glimpse of who we are, where we come from and what we hope to offer: perspectives from our global agency partners, local market insights and analyses and a wide range of other observations related to communications and news that we think you might appreciate.  And of course we’ll look forward to your comments, queries and suggestions.

Thanks again for stopping by.